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Should it come out before that time, I would be subjected to even a greater amount of ridicule and persecution by those who would not understand. “Goodness knows it will be difficult enough for you, Howard, even after we’ve got you ready for it. You must know how to present the story properly, and not spring it all at once. ” I asked him how I should go about choosing the witnesses and was told that I would exercise my judgment and my judgment would be good. Some people would come to me of their own accord; some I would choose.

Though he said he was a real estate man, there was something odd about him. And he didn’t act like other extroverted, back-slapping real estate men I knew. He talked for a while about some small matter, possibly the weather, while I could detect he was deciding just how to approach me on some other subject. Finally he told me he was thinking of putting up some “For Sale” signs near a place called Pleasant Grove, about eight miles from the shop, and would like some advice. It is always pleasant for a man to be asked for advice; besides he was pleasant, spoke softly and called me by my first name from the beginning; so I agreed to go with him.

Then she gave me a specific direction: “Howard, your story must not come out until late summer of 1957. ” She could detect I was thrilled at the prospect of being widely known, and quickly deflated my ego. ’ Many will believe you and listen to what you say. Even more will resent you and heap ridicule upon you. Not just ‘people’, but even your own family and close friends, Howard. ” I began thinking. This might not be so pleasant after all! “You can ‘pull out’—now or even later. ” I didn’t hesitate for an instant.

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