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The unit ofloudnes" IS "BEL" (B) The lowest intensity of sound that can be perceived by the human ear is called threshold of hearing. It is denoted by 10. and its value is 10- 12 watt 1m 2 The loudness of a sound of intensity I is given by L = 1 loglo -I ---------------(1) () Where 10 is threshold of hearing. If I = 1010 then, 101 L = lOglO _ _0 = 1 bel. I() Thus the loudness ofa sound is said to be 1 bel if the intensity is 10 times that of the threshold of hearing. The smallest unit of loudness is decibel (db) 1 so 1 decibel (db) = 10 bel.

Ans. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. 2. The unit of intensity of sound is (a) Volt (c) Decibel (b) (d) Hz Joule. A Pitch depends upon :(a) Loudness (c) Frequency (b) (d) Speed sound None of these. 3. Which of the following is a perfect absorber of energy :(a) A closed window (b) An open window (c) Chairs (d) Floor 4. The absorption coefficient of an open window is (a) 10% (b) 50% (c) 90% (d) 100% 5. The unit of absorption coefficient is given by (a) Ohm (b) Decibel (c) open window unit (d) None of these.

In other words pitch of the voice of a child is higher than that of a boy and much higher than that of a man. (3) QUALITY:It is the characterstics of the musical sound that differenttiates between the two sounds of same pitch and loudness from one another. Quality of a sound is determined by the number of harmonic components in it and their relative amplitudes and the phase relations. ACOUSTING OF BUILDINGS :"The branch of Physics that deals with the production of best sound effect in public buildings such as cinema halls, auditorium, theatres etc.

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