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Let's go into the centre with the bus. But there is bad weather, it makes cold and there is a lot of sport on television- the golf at two and a half. I am sorry, but we must go first to the cash dispenser and to the post office or kiosk for stamps... then to the chemist's and to the dry cleaner's. In that case, no golf ... perhaps the football at four and a quarter. This is all? No, we have to go to a department store to buy a new suitcase. Then I have to go to the supermarket and to the hairdresser's.

But here you need to change these words to: ton anthra moo, tin yineka moo, ton filo moo, tin fili moo. Then exo pola lefta ... Then exo pola lefta ala THelo*/THeloome na pao/pame thiakopes me ... THeloome na pame stin ATHina me to Rover. lne poli omorfi ton Aprilio. To ksenothoxio** Pavlithi then ine poli akrivo. Poso kostizi? Mono ekato evro tin nixta. Boroome na pame? Oxi. Panda exi poli thoolia ke to Rover then thoolevi. • thelo: I would like • • ksenothoxio: hotel Test your progress Translate in writing.

Tom Etsi oxi pothosfero ... isos to ten is stis okto. (Argotera) Kate Tom Kate Tom Kate Tom Kate Yasoo Tom, etho ine ta psonia: thiakosia gramaria zambon, ena komati tiri, miso kilo mila, thio kila patates, feta, zaxari, psomi, vootiro, merika avga, eksi bires ke ena bookali krasi. Agorasa para pola pragmata. Then pirazi. XTHes then fagame poll. Ke ti lne stin megali tsanda? Kati ya mena? Upon, konda sto Notos Galleries itan ena mikro magazi ke itha kati papootsia poo itan sto noomero moo. Then ine omorfa?

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