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By Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles), 1846-1914

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I-sa-qd-lam tuppusu hirim if you observe that he does not pay the copper, make out a case-enclosed tablet for him Ober- 2' (with ana) to pay for something: x silver ana essi ds-qil I paid for wood huber, Acta Or. 41 14:17; summa tadagga-. -ul-u-um Kienast ATHE 29:6, cf. ; x silver la i§-qti-ul why did he not pay the full amount of his tablet? C 18:36 (courtesy B. Landsberger); kaspam sa-qd-ld-am laimua he is unwilling to pay the silver BIN 4 6:21, also TCL 19 64:9, TCL 20 116:15; iS- cf. NA ...

Ki) = mu-tirru, sikkir Id(var. §a)-qi-li, gi. kul. u (var. much as an ox or a sheep? lal = MIN (RS var. la. r. 34. la = su-ku-ru §d-gi-ri) Hh. V 272 ff. -lock that is to be fashioned (by the carpenter) Kraus, AbB 5 86 r. 13; 72 Saqi-lum §a x x bit DN PBS 13 76:5, cf. 50 Sa-qi-li ibid. ). (SB Alu), also (with ana bdbdnu toward the outside) ibid. 96. See also sukkutu (§uqqutu). , but unlikely to For VOM (Voix de l'opposition) 185:25 and 31 see 6aqdlu mng. 9. In CT 12 29 iv 28, id-qa-tum is an error or var.

Ibid. 21, cf. also PBS 8/2 164 r. BABBAR ,aPNPN 2 anaPN3 Waterman Bus. Doc. 45:15; see also simu A. as-qu-ul iqbu PN 2 PN 3 annam usappal PN 3 ul usappalmakima simdatim PN 2 [ana] PN i-x-a-x (see apdlu A mng. BABBAR aban Samas sa asirtalu la 8a-aq-lu ten shekels of silver, (according to) the weight stone of Sama§, on which the asirtu was not paid 3' with ref. to the repayment of a loan in silver: um ekallum irrisusu kaspam i. E when the palace demands it from him, he will pay the silver Boyer Contribution 111: 27, cf.

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A treatise on the use of the tenses in Hebrew : and some other syntactical questions by Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles), 1846-1914

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