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By William David Hart (auth.)

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Hence the Afrocentric idea, Black Religion as Ancestor Piety, will eat its way to strength, liberation, and dominance from within the belly of the Black Church. Asante presents the details of this Afrocentric perspective on transcendence in a cluster of interrelated ideas. “[N]ommo, the generative quality of the spoken word,” underwrites the sudic ideology of harmony and epistemic wholeness, expressed ideally in the philosophy of personalism, whose expressive modalities of possession and music evade the dichotomous Western logic of matter and spirit.

To place them is to determine their degree of “deviance” from the Protestant Christian template. Johnston—whose language is more reminiscent of the crude, colonial, and evolutionary language of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century accounts of religion than of a presumably more enlightened, mid-twentieth- century, decolonizing discourse—is even more determined to cut Black Religion according to the Procrustean bed of the Protestant establishment. ”16 Thus Christianity provides the template for defining religion.

The dancing, music, and sex were sacred rituals, habits that they cultivated religiously. Then his mustache was dramatic, arching to his nostrils, above a mouth that smiled easily and was quick with some wisecrack or a risqué suggestion. In those halcyon days they were materially poor but spiritually rich. Marshall suggests that material poverty was a necessary condition of their spiritual wealth. I will say more about this later. Note, however, that this correlation of material poverty and spiritual wealth—a kind of ethical preference for the poor—is a common motif in the Bible.

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