Alberta Hailstorms by A. J. Chisholm, Marianne English (auth.) PDF

By A. J. Chisholm, Marianne English (auth.)

ISBN-10: 193570432X

ISBN-13: 9781935704324

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As in Fig. 32 except for airflow normal to the plane of storm motion. The inflow air is shown to enter on the right-hand flank penetrating upward through the BWER almost vertically to the storm top. An outflow arrow depicts the air leaving the storm essentially perpendicular to the plane of the diagram. Note the maximum extending from the storm top to the surface on the left-hand flank of the storm. z. 26 METEOROLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS I D ~ _,- I N 28 JULY 1968 PHASE III -s-A FrG. 34. PPI sections at 1956 MST 28 July 1968, at various elevation angles from 1° to 6°.

No. , Norman, Okla. VoL. 14, No. 36 Marwitz, J. , 1972a: The structure and motion of severe hailstorms. Part I: Supercell storms. J. Appl. , 11, 166179. - - , 1972b: The structure and motion of severe hailstorms. Part II: Multicell storms. J. Appl. , 11, 180-188. - - , 1972c: The structure and motion of severe hailstorms. Part III: Severely sheared storms. J. Appl. , 11, 189-201. Newton, C. , 1963: Dynamics of severe convective storms. Meteor. , 5, No. 27, 33-58. - - , 1966: Circulations in large sheared cumulonimbus.

1:-~B , 1452 .... _ L __ 1 1 : i 1 l_ _____ j 1 ~ I L 1504 ,-------l 1 I ("){) 1512 I '~ I I I \ ; J 1518 1524 END OF BWER I L ______________ j FrG. 37. History of the weak-echo region, 1203-1524 MST 29 June 1967, showing the location and shape of the UWER or BWER at 6-min intervals. Note the very regular behavior of the BWER between 1254 and 1423. Double WER's are found at 1227 and 1432. 4) STORM RADAR REFLECTIVITY STRUCTURE. A common feature of the case studies was a sharp gradient of reflectivity which existed (in plan view) around a portion or all of the WER.

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