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An algebra $A$ on a suite $X$ is a family members of subsets of this set closed lower than the operations of union and distinction of 2 subsets. the most subject of the publication is the examine of assorted algebras and households of algebras on an summary set $X$. the writer indicates how this is often concerning well-known difficulties via Lebesgue, Banach, and Ulam at the life of convinced measures on summary units, with corresponding algebras being algebras of measurable subsets with recognize to those measures. specifically it truly is proven that for a definite algebra to not coincide with the algebra of all subsets of $X$ is corresponding to the lifestyles of a nonmeasurable set with recognize to a given degree. even though those questions are not regarding mathematical good judgment, many leads to this zone have been proved via ``metamathematical'' equipment, utilizing the strategy of forcing and different instruments on the topic of axiomatic set conception. besides the fact that, within the current ebook, the writer makes use of ``elementary'' (mainly combinatorial) easy methods to learn homes of algebras on a suite. offering new and unique fabric, the booklet is written in a transparent and readable variety and illustrated via many examples and figures. The e-book can be helpful to researchers and graduate scholars operating in set conception, mathematical good judgment, and combinatorics.

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A'n, consid­ ering instead of the matrix U the matrix (U\ um x; w u -J where U? = { f - H U j ) \Uj C U*}. This implies that the algebras considered in the theorems on finite sequences of algebras can be assumed to be

Mark U by the number 5 if l —j is odd; mark Ui. by the number 1 — S if l —j is even. Now let us start constructing chains, if necessary. If there are nonmarked sets among the sets ¡7^, then take one of them, say Uk*, and construct a chain in which Uix = Uk*. If among the sets Uk there are still nonmarked sets, take one of them, e-g>and construct a chain with U = Ukm, and so on. After all the sets Uk are marked, set L = {k e [1, m] |Uk is not marked by 2}, L0 = {k e [1,ra] |Uk is marked by 0}, Li = {k e [1,m] |Uk is marked by l } .

Be a countable sequence of pairwise disjoint sets. Assume that Uk 0 Ak for all k. Then for any real number p < 2/3 there exist N* C N* C N+ such that (i) p(N*) > f ; (ii) p0(N*) > p; (iii) i f k € N*, then Ak $ UieN. ui -9 8Clearly, l'(n) < l(n ). 25 is used. 32 3. THE MAIN IDEA P roof . A s above, consider the ultrafilters Skand Set N' = jfc |tk 3 [J Ui but tk jf Ui j . ie n+ If p(N') = 0 and k G N;, we mark Uk by 2. Assume that p( N') > 0. For each f c e f take N(fc) C N+ such that tkB (J ut.

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