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By John Texter

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The topic of this quantity is restricted in that it addresses amphiphiles at liquid/air, liquid/liquid, and liquid/solid interfaces, with litte recognition paid to vapor/solid interfaces. This quantity will serve to summarize our present figuring out of interfacial constitution on the molecular point in those platforms, and the relation of this constitution to chemical and physicochemical phenomena.

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Volkov AG, Kharkats Yu I (1985) KinTokyo, pp 317-331 12. Volkov AG, Gugeshashvili MI, Deamer etica Kataliz 26:1322-1326 DW (1995) Electrochim Acta 40: 25. Volkov AG, Kharkats Yu I (1986) Chem Phys 5:964-971 2849-2868 13. Volkov AG, Bibikova MA, Mironov 26. Kharkats Yu I, Kuznetsov AM (1986) In: Volkov AG, Deamer DW (eds) AF, Boguslavsky LI (1983) BioelectroLiquid-Liquid Interfaces. Theory and chem Bioenerg 10:477-483 14. Volkov AG, Gugeshashvili MI, MiroMethods. CRC-Press, Boca Raton, New nov AF, Boguslavsky LI (1983) BioelecYork, Tokyo, pp 139-154 27.

As can be seen in Fig. 8, this is indeed the case for both isoflurane and desflurane. 1 0 -2 10. : 10 " z 9 : 10 " l . . . . . 1 10 , 102 104 , it i 105 10 6 log(Koo0 10 2 . , . , . , . . . . . . , . . . * Relationship between interfacial activity and the mechanism of anesthetic action i0-I According to the Meyer-Overton hypothesis [14, 15], the anesthetic potency of anesthetic compounds is proportional to their solubilities in a non-polar phase, similar to the interior of the neuronal membrane.

Whereas interfacial activity of amphiphiles has been well known, it is shown here that a similar, although somewhat weaker behavior is also characteristic of a wide range of polar solutes. This can Introduction Interfaces between water and non-polar phases are of considerable interest as environments for heterogeneous catalysis, as well as many important electrochemical and photochemical processes [-1-3]. Emerging new industrial applications involve the building up of layers of monomolecular films at interfaces [-4, 5].

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