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By C. Ward Henson, José Iovino, Alexander S. Kechris, Edward Odell, Catherine Finet, Christian Michaux

ISBN-10: 0521648610

ISBN-13: 9780521648615

This quantity provides articles from 4 awesome researchers who paintings on the cusp of research and common sense. The emphasis is on energetic examine themes; many effects are provided that experience no longer been released ahead of and open difficulties are formulated. significant attempt has been made via the authors to make their articles obtainable to mathematicians new to the realm

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Note that f (x) is maximized at the point (x, f (x)) = r(r−1)d 2 ≤ nr 4 2 r r2 2, 4 , and r d − n 2 (j) (j) . Hence, t0 t1 ≤ ≤ d. Therefore, r ≤ r2 4 , and S ≤ d d− n 2 = nr 2 4 . Thus, 2d 2d−n . 4 Let r be the number of codewords in a code with parameters (4m − 1, 2m) for some m. Then r ≤ 4m. Proof. Exercise. 2, we showed that normalized Hadamard matrices can be used to construct error-correcting codes we called Hadamard codes. We also showed that the number of codewords in a Hadamard code is maximal in the sense that no vectors can be included in the code without decreasing the minimum distance of the code.

R ... λ    AAt =  . ..  = (r − λ)I + λJ,  .. .  λ λ ... r where I is the v × v identity matrix, and J is the v × v matrix of all ones. 2 Let B be a v × v matrix such that B = (r − λ)I + λJ, where I is the v × v identity matrix and J is the v × v matrix of all ones. Then det B = (r − λ)(v−1) (r + (v − 1)λ). c 1999 by CRC Press LLC Proof. Note first that B must have  r  λ  B =  .  .. the following form.  λ ... λ r ... λ   ..  .  λ λ ... r Subtracting the first column of B from each of the remaining columns of B yields the following.

If z is a received vector in Z2n with d(u, z) ≤ t for some u ∈ C, then z ∈ St (u) and z ∈ / St (v) for all other v ∈ C. That is, if a received vector z ∈ Z2n differs from a codeword u ∈ C in t or fewer positions, then every other codeword in C will differ from z in more than t positions. Thus, the nearest neighbor policy will always allow t or fewer errors to be corrected in the code. The code C is said to be t-error correcting. 2 Let C = {(00000000), (11100011), (00011111), (11111100)}. It can easily be seen that the minimum distance of C is d = 5.

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