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By H. Schaub, J. Junkins

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This e-book presents a finished therapy of dynamics of house structures, beginning with the basics and overlaying issues from simple kinematics and dynamics to extra complicated celestial mechanics. All fabric is gifted in a constant demeanour, and the reader is guided throughout the numerous derivations and proofs in an instructional manner. Cookbook formulation are kept away from; in its place, the reader is resulted in comprehend the rules underlying the equations at factor, and proven how one can follow them to numerous dynamical platforms. The e-book is split into elements. half I covers analytical therapy of issues resembling uncomplicated dynamic rules as much as complicated power strategies. designated consciousness is paid to using rotating reference frames that regularly take place in aerospace platforms. half II covers simple celestial mechanics, treating the two-body challenge, limited three-body challenge, gravity box modeling, perturbation tools, spacecraft formation flying, and orbit transfers. MATLAB®, Mathematica® and C-Code toolboxes are supplied for the inflexible physique kinematics exercises mentioned in bankruptcy three, and the fundamental orbital 2-body orbital mechanics exercises mentioned in bankruptcy nine. A ideas guide is usually to be had for professors. MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.; Mathematica® is a registered trademark of Wolfram examine, Inc.

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Assume two different frames A ¼ fO, a^ 1 , a^ 2 , a^ 3 g and B ¼ fO0, b^ 1 , b^ 2 , b^ 3 g exist as shown in Fig. 10. The position of O0 relative to O is given by the vector R. Note that these two coordinate frames could be actually attached to some rigid bodies and define their position and orientation in space, or they could simply be some artificial coordinate sets placed there without any other physical significance. In this discussion, however, it is frequently useful to think of reference frames A and B as rigid bodies.

Let the angular velocity vector magnitude be o, then the vector x can be written as x ¼ o^e ð1:9Þ The unit direction vector e^ defines an axis about which the rigid body or coordinate system is instantaneously rotating. For the case of planar rotations Fig. 4 Angular velocity vector. 867231 PARTICLE KINEMATICS Fig. 5 9 Illustration of angular velocity body frame components. in Fig. 4a, the rotation axis is simply e^ 3. Note that any orientation of a rigid body can be defined by the orientation of any body-fixed coordinate system.

10 Two coordinate frames with moving origins. 867231 A d ðRÞ dt ð1:28Þ Using ÀtheÁ transport theorem and the definition in Eq. 28), the velocity vector vP A of Eq. 27) can be written as  0 À PÁ À Á ð1:29Þ v A ¼ vO þ vP B þ xB=A  q A À Á To find the acceleration aP A of particle P in the A frame, the derivative of Eq. 29) is taken in the A frame:  A À Á  A  0  À PÁ À Á d d þ vP B þ xB=A  q vP A ¼ vO a A¼ dt dt A ð1:30Þ Allowing the differentiation operator À Á to apply term by term in the last term, and using the transport theorem, aP A becomes A  0   B À Á  À PÁ À Á d d a A¼ þ vO vP B þ xB=A  vP B A dt dt B  A À Á d d  q þ xB=A  þ x ðqÞ þ xB=A  q dt B=A dt ð1:31Þ Looking at the first term, the acceleration of the origin O0 in the A frame is defined to be  0 A  0   d vO aO ¼ ð1:32Þ A A dt While looking at the second term, the acceleration of particle P in the B frame is B À Á  À PÁ d a B¼ ð1:33Þ vP B dt The angular acceleration vector of the B frame relative to the A frame is defined to be Á dÀ x dt B=A A aB=A ¼ ð1:34Þ Using theÀ definitions in Eqs.

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